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Manitoba Technology Accelerator

We created custom marketing website as well as a custom content management system for blog posts and success stories. The site is complete with SEO, Analytics, Captcha, and a web security framework.


Naturial consists of a multi-page marketing site, user registration and login, and manages content restriction using role based permissions. The site connects vendors and manufacturers in an online marketplace and facilitates online transactions.

ASUM - Online Learning Platform

ASUM is geared to help start ups in the Agriculture sector reach their goals through online learning. We developed a marketing site as well as an online learning platform including courses and quizzes, as well as online integrated payment methods.

Home Energy Map

We created a marketing site, as well as a Back End with user login, roles based permissions, report generating tool, CRM tool, digital contract management and analytics dashboard.

QBS Space

We created a complete marketing site as well as a user platform that featured a user registration system, login, role based permissions, and e-commerce online subscription purchases.

Best B4

Best B4 is a fully functional e-commerce multi store marketplace site. Comprising of a marketing site, a customer registration page, online shopping cart, digital checkout, vendor login and dashboard, and more!

Going Pro Online Store

We created a fully functional e-commerce website that sells logo and branded merchandise. Features include online shopping cart and an integrated secure payment gateway.