Buhler Furniture – Employee Engagement


Buhler Furniture was looking to improve employee engagement, increase productivity and improve workplace safety. They created an internal program called ‘My One Small Improvement’ or MOSI for short. Buhler Furniture was looking for a way to highlight the improvements it’s staff was implementing as well as leverage MOSI to increase sales.


Nomad Digital was tasked with increasing employee engagement and creating videos that could be used to show how the MOSI program would have a positive impact on Buhler Furniture’s clients. Nomad Digital came up with the strategy to create six videos. The first would introduce the MOSI program and explain how it works.

The other 5 videos highlighted key employee initiatives that were a direct result of the MOSI campaign.


The campaign that Nomad Digital produced accomplished Buhler Furniture’s two main goals. Firstly, the MOSI video campaign got staff excited about the MOSI program, encouraging staff to continue working on new improvements. Secondly, the Buhler Sales staff includes videos from the MOSI series in emails to clients showing the world how engaged and effective their staff is.